Sell Facebook event tickets

PayMyEvent helps you create Facebook event tickets.
Visitors can easily pay for your tickets by debit or credit card.

How to create your tickets

Create digital tickets to your Facebook event in three easy steps.

  • Choose event

    Sign in with your Facebook account and choose the events you want to create tickets for.

  • Add tickets

    Select ticket price and, if desired, restrictions on ticket quantity.

  • Payment info

    Enter your PayPal account to which the payments should go. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can create it later on.

  • Confirmation

    Your tickets are now ready for sale. Promote your event by sharing the payment link with your guests.

Tickets to Facebook events

PayMyEvent helps you create tickets for your facebook event.

Easy payment for the guest

Your guests kan easily purchase ticket with debit- or creditcard.

Low transaction fee

We offer a low fee of only 4 % (at least €0.99 or $1.29). Fast payouts to your bank account.